A Sniper is well versed in the basic infantry skills, they are highly trained, motivated and can Locate, Observe and Destroy high value targets at long ranges. They can observe and stalk prey without being seen day or night for as long as is required to get the job done. Gathering information on the enemy, hiding and waiting in the shadows for the right time to strike. This one individual can have devastating effects on the battlefield creating fear and havoc in his enemies! Loved by his allies, hated by his enemies.

About us


Our experience:

Our lead instructor is a Military Veteran who has many Military qualifications including - shooting coach, range conducting officer, weapons instructor, he has served on a Sniper section, completed a 2 week Sniper selection course followed by the 9 week intense Sniper course and achieved a tour of Iraq, and Afghanistan on a Sniper section. 

Our passion:

We want to show and teach you what we know about Snipers. We are passionate about everything Sniper which is why we continue to improve our knowledge so we can pass it on to you.  


You having fun is our biggest aim so we will always make sure our activities give you an exciting, fun and unforgettable day out. We will not treat you like you're on a Military training course (unless you want this), our approach is more about creating a relaxed atmosphere where you can ask questions and most importantly enjoy yourself, after all it's your day   

Our business:

Combat sniper is the UK's only sniper activity centre.

Our passion is our business!

Combat Sniper is for people who want to learn and experience more about Snipers or just want a fun and exciting outdoor activity. If you've watched any Sniper films, you will want to know more! We have the knowledge, experience and passion to give you an epic day out.

Learn Sniper skills, Play Sniper games